Visual Storytelling with Digital Mediums

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Humans have always been visual creatures and have communicated with visual mediums.

The cave art of Gargas, Chauvet-Pont-d’Arc, Lascaux, and others are where these earliest tellings can be found. Prehistoric people told stories of themselves, and their local plants, animals, and birds through painted images, hand stencils, and engravings. This need to tell a story visually continues throughout history, with the development of canvas and paint, photography and film, television and our computer screens. And the need to capture that story into a compelling image continues to drive our technology, and how we develop it.

Throughout film history, larger and larger screens have been a requirement to play the film for as many people as possible, in one sitting. The rooms got bigger, and the screens got bigger. With the success of film on screen as a medium for telling a story, it was recognized that using a projector and screen could also work well for transmitting information in a business or educational setting.

Projectors and screens came into classrooms and lecture halls and, for a time, provided a great service to enhance lessons and presentations. But the room had to be dark in order to see the images clearly, and even where the viewer was sitting could impact how much, or little they could see of the projection. There had to be a better way, and with recognizing that, digital technology has moved rapidly towards replacing the traditional projector/vinyl screen pairing.

Enter the LED video wall.

The advancement of the technologies behind LED video walls has created a screen which can display anything that is needed, brightly and clearly in every setting.  Also referred to as media walls, LED screens are essentially a large computer screen capable of showing a graphic, or film, or any image that a computer can show. With this technology, the images are bright, clear and can scale to as large as is needed. The capability of the LED lights themselves, as well as calculations of pitch and other elements to make up a successful image display, work together to bring a story to life.

Many educational institutions are recognizing that urgency to tell a story, and capture a wide audience while doing so. With installing LED video walls in key areas where students gather, movies can be played, graphics with important information or the latest highlights from the Varsity teams can be displayed. To take the athletic idea further, imagine your student body gathering to watch the varsity basketball team play by tuning into the various screens around the campus. After all, only so many people can fit into a gym.

LED video walls can be placed anywhere, and can be customized to fit into any space, providing an entertainment and information centre that is easy to see, read and enjoy. Software for organizing the student information, donor recognition, live feed of the latest game, prepared media presentation, or good old-fashioned movie, is available to organize what is going to be displayed on the screen.

Tell the story of the school, share stories about local animals, plants and people. You will bring your students into the fold of your school’s culture and community, and everyone on campus will feel part of the story.





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