LIGHTVU exists to enhance spaces through the magic of led display technology

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Schools from K-12 and post secondary institutions depend on LIGHTVU to support the large format educational display needs across Canada. LED screens transform the learning environment by providing modern digital communication platforms.

  • Gymnasiums
  • Lecture halls
  • Auditoriums
  • Digital signage
  • Outdoor monument signs

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Arenas, courts, tracks, fields and any space fans come together to watch their favourite teams, LIGHTVU's impact resistant LED screens provide a live video score board system with completely customizable score software built-in.

  • Wall or corner mounted LED scoreboards
  • Center hung LED scoreboards
  • Outdoor LED scoreboards
  • LED rings
  • LED shot clocks
  • Scorer Tables

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House of Worship

Modern worship spaces use LED video walls as a powerful tool for engaging congregations. Equip your church with a custom LED backdrop and set the scene with a bright, seamless, and camera ready screen.

  • Display song lyrics and sermon points
  • Unique visuals for artistic performances
  • Broadcast worship sessions via live stream
  • Embrace ambient light in the space
  • Exterior LED roadside signs

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Experiential Retail

Communicate brand identity by providing unique, powerful visual experiences in consumer spaces. Fully immersive displays are made possible by seamless direct view LED technology.

  • Flagship stores
  • Experiential spaces
  • Luxury dealerships
  • Artistic venues
  • High end shopping malls

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Virtual Production

Virtual production LED stages available as pre-designed packages and fully custom designs. Embrace the newest work flow and freedom of real-time creativity made possible by LED volumes.

  • Pre-designed LED stages for virtual production
  • Stages include LED panels, mounting, processing, installation, & training
  • Multiple pixel pitches available
  • End-to-end colour workflow and real-time mapping
  • System monitoring and diagnostics
  • Custom LED stages with help from expert design team

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Large format, seamless LED backgrounds ready for lights, cameras, and action. Equip your set with custom displays featuring seamless canvas and brilliant colour performance

  • Television studios
  • News stations
  • Game shows
  • Talk shows
  • Conference spaces
  • Interview booths

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Corporate, hospitality, and other places of business often have unique display requirements. Custom build a seamless display or choose from a selection of HD video walls.

  • Boardrooms
  • Office spaces
  • Corporate lobby
  • Financial institutions
  • High end residential

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Live events, performance art, and drive in theatres are all moving to direct view LED. Configurable, seamless LED screens are bright and can display even in broad daylight.

  • Live concerts
  • Performance theatres
  • Restaurants & lounges
  • Experiential booths
  • Convention centres

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