House Of Worship

House of Worship

LED screens for church stages, reader boards, and signage.

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LED Displays For Church

LIGHTVU's church LED video wall solutions are specialized for permanent installation as backdrops or side displays for sanctuary stages. The display solutions can also be used as digital signage both indoor and outdoor.

  • Modular LED panels offer flexibility in design
  • Completely seamless, no seams between panels or bezels
  • Best in brightness, visually impactful content
  • Best in colour, definition, and contrast
  • Wide viewing angles and no glare
  • Live stream / camera ready
  • LED solutions made and supported in Canada
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Enhance Congregation Experience

The modern house of worship brings messages of prayer and belief through the latest in display technology in order to enhance the congregation experience. In recent years, LED video wall technology has become much more affordable and as a result, churches are embracing the privileges derived from LED display solutions in the sanctuary.

  • Incorporate engaging graphics and scenes for worship sessions
  • Easily rearrange and program display to keep the look of sanctuary fresh
  • Pastors and performers can stand in front of display without interfering with projection throws
  • Direct view LED projects light onto the congregation creating immersive experiences
  • Split screen into multiple customized windows or display ultra wide
  • Reinforce messages using the best in display technology
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Flexibility in Design

Whether your sanctuary has the need and/or budget for an ultra large display, or a more modest modern display solution, LIGHTVU's expert design team supports the process. LIGHTVU's church LED video wall solutions are modular which means size can be completely customized. Different sanctuaries call for different resolution requirements and mounting configurations, for which LIGHTVU designs church LED solutions with ideal performance at the heart of each design.

  • For wall mounted church LED screens, see Aurora Series product line
  • For hanging and ground stacked church LED screens, see Uslim product line
  • For outdoor church LED screens see Usurface III product line
Aurora Series LED
Uslim LED
Usurface III LED