LED Media Scoreboards

LED Media Scoreboards

Our seamless modular LED cabinets piece together to create high quality multi-media scoreboards.

LED media scoreboard at Onoway high school in Alberta Canada

LED Media Scoreboards

Designed and built in Canada

LIGHTVU's LED Media Scoreboards are specially designed to fit any gym, stadium, or arena. Say goodbye to retro scoreboards and hello to LIGHTVU's modern LED Media Scoreboards. Our LED Media Scoreboards are equipped with full-screen video capabilities, LIGHTVU's very own SCOREVU scoreboard software, and everything needed to make it all work. We've installed these state-of-the-art digital LED scoreboards in schools all over Canada and want to continue brightening up sports venues.

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LED media scoreboard at Onoway high school in Alberta Canada

3D Example of LED Media Scoreboard in Education Facility

LED Media Scoreboard software SCOREVU wetaskiwin Edmonton Alberta Canada


LIGHTVU's very own scoreboard software

SCOREVU is a fully customizable scoreboard software that LIGHTVU has created specifically for the gymnasium and sports facility LED scoreboard application. SCOREVU gives full control of the colours, logos, and background on the scoreboard. There are multiple sport modes available including basketball, hockey, volleyball, and most recently aquatics. Triggerable hot keys allow for player stats, crowd pumping animations, and advertising/sponsorship content. LIGHTVU's LED Media Scoreboards also support third party scoreboard software if users prefer to use other LED scoreboard software.

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LED Shot Clock Ross Sheppard School

LED scoreboard bundles

LIGHTVU's Scoreboard Bundles come in 3 sizes: the two pointer, the three pointer, and the four pointer. The core scoreboards are built using modular Aurora Series LED cabinets each with 58" diagonal. The cabinets are connected together to create the 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 LED cabinet configurations.. Pun detected .. Included in the Scoreboard Bundle is LED cabinets, scaling processor otherwise known as controller, power cables, data cables, and our SCOREVU scoreboard software. Optional add-ons include LED Shot Clocks, Scorekeeper Table, Instant Replay, custom Horn/Buzzer, and more.

Other built-in features:

  • Bundle pricing
  • High quality, ruggedized design
  • Best warranty in the industry
  • Professional grade scoreboard
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LED Shot Clock Ross Sheppard School

LIGHTVU Scoreboard's in action

LIGHTVU Scoreboards are being used to enhance sports facilities across North America every day.
Get ahead of the game by letting the professionals at LIGHTVU brighten up your facility with a dynamic LED scoreboard.
Choose your favourite sport from the options below to see the LED scoreboard in action.

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