LIGHTVU Scoreboards

Professional score keeping in any sports facility.

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Modern Score Keeping

Transform your gym, arena, or other sports facility with LED video wall technology. Combine the score keeping and presentation systems into one seamless package. LED scoreboards can be integrated with:

  • Presentation systems
  • Audio systems
  • Emergency broadcast systems
  • Instant replay and live feeds
  • Television and streaming services
  • Interactive learning software
  • Digital signage advertising
  • ...and much more
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Scoreboard Mediawalls

Digital Scoreboard Mediawall packages include:

  • Canadian made Aurora Series LED display
  • Impact resistant 4mm pixel pitch
  • Customizable score keeping software
  • Remote training on the score software
  • Complementary home team graphics package
  • 5 year warranty
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Scoreboard Sizes

LIGHTVU Scoreboard Mediawalls are available in the following sizes:

  • 95" LED scoreboard (7'W x 4'H)
  • 118" LED scoreboard (8'W x 5'H)
  • 143" LED scoreboard (10'W x 6'H)
  • 176" LED scoreboard (12'W x 7'H)
  • 235" LED scoreboard (17'W x 10'H)

Custom sizes available

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ScoreVU offers a basketball score keeping software for LIGHTVU scoreboards.

  • Custom buzzer/horn audio output
  • Custom game settings
  • Change team names and logos
  • Quickly trigger crowd pumping animations

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LED Shot Clocks

Complete the package with a pair of 29" 4mm impact resistant LED shot clocks for the true basketball and ringette experience.

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