Digital Scoreboards

Digital Scoreboards

LIGHTVU upgrades sport facilities with digital scoreboard packages built in North America.

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21st Century Digital Scoreboard Packages

Designed and built in North America

Upgrade any sports facility with LIGHTVU’s 21st century all-in-one digital scoreboard solutions. The age of the retro scoreboard is over. Make a statement for your home teams with a full screen, high definition multi-media scoreboard fully capable of supporting instant replay and digital signage advertising.

  • Standardized sizes
  • Sport specific add-ons including shot clocks
  • Durable - No protective cover required
  • Wall or corner mounted and flown applications
  • Comprehensive warranty up to 10 years

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LED media scoreboard at Onoway high school in Alberta Canada

Professional Score keeping

Enhance the game at an affordable price

LIGHTVU Digital Scoreboard Packages greatly enhance the score keeping and presentation technologies in any gym or sports facility. Our complete scoreboard solutions can be integrated with technologies like:

  • Audio systems
  • Emergency broadcast systems
  • Instant replay and statistics
  • Live television and streaming systems
  • Interactive learning softwares
  • Digital signage advertising
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LIGHTVU's multi-sport scoreboard software

SCOREVU is our very own scoreboard scorekeeping software created specifically for the digital scoreboard application. SCOREVU gives full control of the sport mode, colours, logos, and background displayed on the scoreboard. Triggerable hot keys allow for player stats, crowd pumping animations, and advertising/sponsorship content. LIGHTVU scoreboards also support third party scoreboard software if users prefer to use alternative options.

  • Five year license included for all standardized bundles
  • Buzzer/horn audio output
  • Custom graphic design bundles available
SCOREVU software
LED Media Scoreboard software SCOREVU wetaskiwin Edmonton Alberta Canada
LED Shot Clock Ross Sheppard School

Optional Add Ons

Current add-ons available for LIGHTVU's digital media scoreboard package include LED Shot Clocks, Scorekeeper Table, pre-loaded graphics package, Horn/Buzzer add-on, and more. Our mission is to identify and conquer the key add-ons that provide additional value for specific sports. Check back often for new add on options. Make a statement on your home court with a 21st century scoreboard system from LIGHTVU

All Scoreboard Bundles
LED Shot Clock Ross Sheppard School

3D Example of Digital Scoreboards For Education

LIGHTVU Scoreboard's in action

LIGHTVU Scoreboards are being used to enhance sports facilities across North America every day.

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