LIGHTVU is North America’s fastest growing LED display manufacturer. We exist to bring higher quality, reliable LED displays to the A/V industry.
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Our History

Necessity Breeds Innovation

LIGHTVU is a company built out of necessity, a knack for innovation, and an ability to recognize opportunities when they present themselves.

Five years ago, our team was faced with significant challenges while importing products for high-level audio-visual (AV) experiences. We noticed a distinct void in the quality of LED technology available. LIGHTVU was created to fill the gap, supplying reliable LED solutions out of the back of an integration warehouse.

Soon after, LIGHTVU began manufacturing Light Emitting Diode (LED) displays for clients in the Edmonton, Alberta. Not one to shy away from innovation when it appears, it didn’t take long for the LIGHTVU team to realize there was a much greater opportunity in the LED display market in Canada.

Our small start-up has quickly grown into North America’s most innovative and sought-after custom LED display provider. With a range of products for indoor and outdoor purposes, and a strong local presence, we have become industry leaders in A/V technology in North America.

As we continue to drive creative innovation, we are always on the lookout for bold, new technological opportunities within the A/V and signage industries.

“This allows us to be closer to our clients”

north american

LIGHTVU is a proudly North American company. The majority of the product we sell are manufactured in Sherwood park, Alberta. This allows us to be closer to our clients, so we can provide superior products, solutions, and support.

When you choose LIGHTVU, you’ll always receive one-on-one support and service from our team of experts. Our team knows our products inside and out. We're excited to help bring your visions to life with bright and bold LED displays. From sales and delivery, to customer support during and post-installation, you’ll feel comfortable knowing we’re always here for you.

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