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Sherwood_Park_Alliance_Church Indoor_LED_stage_Display_Alberta


Location: Sherwood Park, AB
Integrator: digital EDGE media

For most churches, technology consists of retro overhead projectors displaying everything from speeches to hymns. So, when a church decides to enhance the experience by upgrading to stunning new technology, it’s understandably surprising and delightful for worshipers.

When Sherwood Park Alliance Church decided to embark on a modernization project a few years ago, they decided it was time to upgrade their AV. Having used projectors in the past, the church decided it was time to move to a dynamic, show-stopping LED display.

On the stage, is LIGHTVU’S Saturn series - Atlas model. The Atlas cabinets at SPAC feature front serviceable, magnetic modules with power supplies and receive cards being rear serviceable. The LED wall on the stage measures 38' wide by 16' high, with a pixel pitch of 3mm.

At the back of the room is an overhead LED display that faces the stage. This display is our Aurora series, which is built in Canada - That's right. LED display built in Canada. The size of SPAC's second LED display is 8' wide by 5' high and it has a pixel pitch of 4mm.

“This church is modernizing at a time when technology can be adopted, taking advantage of the major changes to capabilities and technologies,” says Mark Silvius, Principal at LightVU.

With hundreds of worshipers attending the church every week, the modernization project positions SPAC as a forward-thinking institution in a world where religion is too often seen as out-of-date.

Sherwood_Park_Alliance_Church Indoor_LED_stage_Display_Alberta
McMaster_University_LED Display_Canada_Aurora_LIGHTVU

McMaster University

Location: Hamilton, Ontario
Integrator: Hamilton Video and Sound

McMaster University is a university in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. McMaster is located in the Golden Horseshoe on the west end of Lake Ontario. The university campus has gone through continuous development over the years. The McMaster University Student Centre, which is the centre of student life and programming was the focus for a major technology upgrade. The Student Centre has a café, study space, common areas, several administrative departments, and since just last year, a LIGHTVU LED video wall.

McMaster University brought in Hamilton Video and Sound, a local integrator who just happens to be a certified dealer for LIGHTVU and from there McMaster decided the Student Centre needed an LED video wall. Hamilton Video and Sound presented the opportunity to LIGHTVU as McMaster was looking to support local businesses so it was the perfect fit.. LIGHTVU built a stunning LED wall in Canada and Hamilton Video and Sound took care of the installation.

The video wall in McMaster University Student Centre is built using LIGHTVU's Canadian Aurora series LED cabinets. This wall measures 12.6' wide by 9.54' tall and the pixel pitch is 3mm.. What is pixel pitch you ask? It's the distance between each LED pixel. The smaller the pitch - The more LED's per cabinet. The Aurora LED wall is extra durable and can handle impacts from flying textbooks thrown by stressed out students during exam cram at the university

Our team is very proud of the final result at McMaster University. We encourage anyone in the area to check out the redesigned Student Centre. LIGHTVU can install our LED video walls in universities and colleges all over Canada and the United States


Bier Markt
Square One

Location: Mississauga, ON
Integrator: Best Buy

Bier Markt Square One is one of seven Bier Markt locations across Canada. Bier Markt restaurants draw their inspiration from Northern Europe while sourcing local, fresh ingredients for all of their recipes. The culture, passion for food and of course the dedication to the beautiful art of brewing are all present at all Bier Markt location.

Bier Market Square One wanted to add a little extra to there lounge and decided to add an LED video wall that would be the featured display for all major sports events. Best Buy chose LIGHTVU to fill the needs of this project and now there is a beautiful fine pixel pitch Canadian LED display solution at Bier Markt Square One in Mississauga, Ontario.

The display is built using LIGHTVU's Canadian LED panel technology, specifically our Aurora series LED cabinets. The LED video wall in Bier Markt Square One is made up of 4 modular 51" diagonal Aurora cabinets in a 2x2 layout. The walls measure 7' wide by 4' tall and features a finer pixel pitch of 2.5mm for closer viewing. This restaurant LED display has approximately 458,750 individual LED pixels on it which makes for ultra clear and bright picture quality.

We love doing restaurant, lounge, and nightclub applications with our 2.5mm pixel pitch Aurora series. This is one of LIGHTVU's core products and we are extremely confident with it. Stop in at Bier Markt Square One to see a quality Canadian-made LED displays built by LIGHTVU. You won't regret the visit.

ROSS_Sheppard_High_School LIGHTVU_LED_Scoreboard_Media_Wal


Location: Edmonton, AB
Integrator: digital EDGE media

When Ross Sheppard High School was looking to step up their tech game in 2015, LIGHTVU saw an opportunity to showcase our ability to enhance educational environments. We designed a leading-edge LED media wall according to the exact specifications for Ross Sheppard's gymnasium. LIGHTVU has been creating digital LED signage for school's in Alberta for years. The modernization project at Ross Sheppard was a unique opportunity to showcase just what we can do to enhance a gymnasium.

LIGHTVU specializes in manufacturing large media walls, LED shock clocks, score tables, scoreboard software, and custom LED solutions. The LED scoreboards are built using LIGHTVU’s Aurora series, which delivers a bright, crisp image. The LED's on our Aurora walls have a standard 50,000-hour half-life and the mask makes these media walls extremely durable.

Our custom LED shot clocks are Canadian-made and enable all active components to be serviced or replaced from the front without removing the cabinet from the mount. Forward thinking in design, the media walls and shock clocks offer unique features, such as plug and play presentations, score keeping, instant replay, impact resistance, wireless and web-controlled capabilities that are optimized for mobile use.

We are extremely proud of the complete LED solution that has been installed in Ross Sheppard's gymnasium. Our mission is to modernize every school's gym with LED media walls that enhance student engagement during school hours and fan engagement during sports events.



Location: Serwood Park, AB
Integrator: digital EDGE media

The Agora Room at Strathcona County Community Centre is home to these two Canadian-built LED displays. This perfect match was made possible by the leaders of Strathcona County, who wanted to set the facility apart from other halls and community centres around Edmonton.

The decision was made to turn to LED technology as a solution for displaying high quality videos and dynamic presentations. The Agora Room uses their LED displays during town meetings, community events, and conferences. These two LED displays might just be the best-looking couple of all time.

The Canadian-made LED video walls are built using LIGHTVU's modular Aurora Series 58" cabinets. Each display has 16 cabinets in a 4x4 configuration. The walls measure 17' wide by 10' tall and put out show-stopping colours on a consistent basis. The pixel pitch on the custom LED displays is 4mm, which is perfect for the Agora Room as the minimum viewing distance is generally four meters. Unless of course visitors move in close to admire the professional design of the LIGHTVU video walls.

We can build these displays for you. If you're in Edmonton, a trip to The Agora Room is worth it to see the technology we've installed in the main hall. LIGHTVU wants to install more twin displays like these. Who's next?



Location: Loydminster, AB
Integrator: digital EDGE media

This double-sided outdoor beauty lives at Truck and Trailer (TNT) in Lloydminster, Alberta. TNT heard about LIGHTVU’s design excellence and decided we were the right manufacturer to design their double-sided LED sign. The displays cycle through perfectly timed promotions with help from our remote content management system.

Using our outdoor Jupiter Series IP65 LED Display, LightVU was able to help TNT showcase their brand to the world with a pair of sleek LED designs and an awesome pylon that was custom-made for them.

TNT was in the market for an LED display soon after their old sign was damaged in a wind storm. Impressed with LIGHTVU’s expertise and comprehensive solutions-based designs, it was an easy decision. This allowed us to win the job and add it to our list of LED displays in Canada.

The TNT double-sided LED display is standing strong today and continues to display messages with explosive colour and quality.

ROYAL_Alberta_Museum_Canada_Curved LED_Outdoor_Display


Location: Edmonton, AB
Integrator: Merge Systems

The Royal Alberta Museum opened in 1967 and has hosted upwards of 13,791,155 since then. In 2011, the Government of Alberta decided it was time to upgrade and built a new building set to open in 2018 in Downtown, Edmonton. This gave LIGHTVU an incredible opportunity to showcase our custom curved LED solution. Stantec commissioned LIGHTVU to design the curved LED wall for the museum, which can be seen as guests walk through the main lobby.

LIGHTVU worked with the museum, Merge Systems and Stantec to provide the curved solution. Using the Aurora series, LIGHTVU created the custom curved wall with impeccable resolution. This display makes a lasting impression on anyone who visits the new and highly-anticipated Royal Alberta Museum.

"It would have been an obstacle for many companies to do a curve like the one we did [with the LED screen], but it was not an obstacle for LIGHTVU. There was potential [for a challenge], but I can confidently say LIGHTVU met the challenge." - Brad Bosch, digital EDGE media.

For the millions of tourists who will visit the Royal Alberta Museum in the years to come, LIGHTVU’s curved LED display will be the first thing they see before going on to learn all about Alberta’s incredible heritage.

ROYAL_Alberta_Museum_Canada_Curved LED_Outdoor_Display
école_secondaire_NOTRE_dame High_School_LED_scoreboard_canada

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School

Location: Red Deer, AB
Integrator: digital EDGE media

École Secondaire Notre Dame High School is a Catholic high school in Red Deer, Alberta. The school accommodates 1200 students from grade 10 to 12 and offers courses taught in both English and French languages. The school upgraded the technology in their gymnasium by installing two LED media displays with full HD video capabilities. The video walls are easily controlled from desktop computer or mobile device, making the displays a powerful tool for increasing student engagement.

The two LED media walls mirror each other in the corners of the gym facing the main bleachers where spectators watch their friends and families during all sporting events. Equipped with LIGHTVU's very own SCOREVU scoreboard software, the students and staff are easily able to keep score while pumping up the fans with impressive animations. The digital scoreboards have significantly increased the excitement levels in the gym during basketball, volleyball, and other sports events.

"Both displays have been working flawlessly for us. We use them for every game to run our scoreboard and shot clock. The staff and students have really responded well to the new technology in our school, especially the video walls in the gym." - Ryan Birch, Vice Principal.

The LED displays in École Secondaire Notre Dame High School are built using LIGHTVU's Tethys Series LED cabinets. These video walls are each made up of 40 modular LED cabinets, which are connected bringing to life the 14' wide by 9' high video walls.



Location: Red Deer, AB
Integrator: digital EDGE media

Red Deer College was built in 1964 to serve the small rural community of Red Deer, which has grown to be the third largest city in Alberta. Red Deer College has one of the best athletics programs in Canada, with the Kings and Queens consistently producing great results at national competitions. The sports played include hockey, basketball, volleyball, soccer, badminton, curling, and more.

There are three LIGHTVU LED displays on campus. One wall mounted in the main gym, one is hanging above the volleyball courts, and one is wall mounted in the hockey arena. The media walls are used as scoreboards, shot clocks, instant-replays, advertising, and to communicate important messages.

The three LED video walls spread throughout Red Deer College are identical. The displays are built using LIGHTVU's Canadian-made Aurora series LED product. Each of these video walls is built up of 16 modular 58" Aurora cabinets in a 4x4 layout. The walls measure 17' wide by 10' tall and feature a pixel pitch of 4mm. Most recently, the displays were used for the Canada Winter Games which took place February 15th to March 3rd, 2019.

We are extremely proud to be the manufacturer that designed and built the digital video displays in Red Deer College. Hosting events like the Canada Winter Games and national college competitions allows people from all over Canada to experience the power of LIGHTVU's multi-sport, multi-purpose LED displays.

WETASKIWIN_Composite_High_School_Indoor Outdoor_LED_screen_RGB_digital_Board

Wetaskiwin Composite High School

Location: Wetaskiwin, AB
Integrator: digital EDGE media

Wetaskiwin Composite High School (WCHS) accommodates about 900 grade 9-12 students from the City of Wetaskiwin, Town of Millet and the rural areas that surround the County of Wetaskiwin. In 2018, the school was redesigned and part of the plan was to upgrade the AV systems. This included an LED display for the gym and an outdoor digital LED sign for the corner of 47th St and 50 Ave in Wetaskiwin.

With help from Digital EDGE Media, a professional audio visual integrator based in Edmonton, Alberta, Wetaskiwin was able to make their dream a reality. LIGHTVU built the LED walls in Canada and Digital EDGE Media took care of the installation. Both walls have worked perfectly ever since.

In the gym, LIGHTVU's Aurora Series LED Media Wall powers sports events, Christmas concerts, school assemblies, and more. The wall is built using the Canadian-made Aurora 58" LED cabinets with a pixel pitch of 4mm. The LED display for gymnasium is 10' wide by 6' tall and has 368,640 pixels.

"Both displays have worked great for us. We use the gym video wall during all of our assemblies, school concerts, and sports. The only thing we regret is not going bigger." - Darren Demone, Vice Principal.

The outdoor digital LED sign is LIGHTVU's Jupiter Europa Series. This outdoor IP65 LED display is 10' wide by 6' tall. The digital signage display important school messages, offers digital advertising potential, and is first to greet visitors to Wetaskiwin Composite High School.


webers walkway

Location: Orillia, ON
Integrator: RAMCOM Communications

On July 11th, 1963 the small city of Orillia in Ontario, Canada saw a new business opened it's doors. Webers Restaurant founded by Paul Weber Sr. began serving hamburgers and hot dogs that were so good the spot was destined to become an Ontario landmark. Operating right alongside Highway 11 and nested within walking distance to Lake Couchiching, it's the perfect place to enjoy a tasty treat and refreshing beverage for locals and those travelling through to the Muskoka's.

The restaurant attracted tens of thousands of customers during the summer months and much of the foot traffic had to cross busy Highway 11 to enjoy Webers delicious food. Not long after the Ministry of transportation installed a chain-link fence above the boxbeam barrier to curtail all the J-walkers... Webers was a major contributor in the construction of a pedestrian bridge built over the highway in 1983 so customers could get their burgers, hot dogs, and fries safely.

In 2019, Webers added some tech to their walkway by installing a double-sided LIGHTVU LED Displays that would play HD content and advertisements for all those walking through to see. This double-sided LED Display is built using our Aurora Series 1280mm x 800mm LED cabinets. To put the size of each modular cabinet in perspective each is the size of a 59" TV. The wall features a 2.5mm pixel pitch and pieces together in a 2 x 1 configuration. Again, double-sided.

The LED Display is brand new in the walkway. It's a nice sight to see as pedestrians cross the walkway on their way to devour a charcoal barbecued burger and famous milkshake. Be sure to stop in at Webers Restaurant this summer and don't miss your chance to check out this brand new LED video wall.