LighTVu Outdoor
Displays & Screens

Thanks to temperatures, lighting, and wear and tear, it can be difficult to create a striking outdoor display. LIGHTVU's outdoor product series are designed with these challenges in mind. Our innovative LED technology and added functionality allow us to offer outdoor LED displays that attract attention with crisp, clear messaging and remarkable colour accuracy.

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Imagine the ultimate video wall, digital sign, or large format display.
Now bring it to life in perfect, high-definition detail with LIGHTVU.

Jupiter Series LEDs

Outdoor LED Billboards

LIGHTVU’s Jupiter Series outdoor LED cabinets offer a variety of features for clients looking for outdoor LED signs. Europa style cabinets offer integrated SMD LEDs at various pixel pitches for projects that have closer viewing distances. For projects with further viewing distances or requiring extra brightness, the Elara style cabinets offer DIP LEDs that provide extra brightness. Each style cabinet comes in a variety of dimensions that can be assembled together, allowing various form factors to be created.

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Crystal Series LEDs

Transparent Outdoor Signage

LIGHTVU’s Crystal Series is one of the latest innovations within the LED industry. Crystal Series allows exterior daylight to shine through the display, maintaining a bright indoor atmosphere. The unique transparency of Crystal Series allows an unobstructed view to the outside, while delivering bright and clear content to outdoor passers-by, day and night. Crystal Series comes in two styles, Gallery and Curtain, with multiple sizes in each style to suit different needs.

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