Indoor LED Displays

Get the most out of your digital signage solution using visually stunning LED technology.
LIGHTVU has indoor LED displays for all indoor applications.

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Your imagination and creative vision is all you need to start your project.
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LED Displays Solution Aurora Series Canada LIGHTVU

Aurora Series

Our Most Popular Canadian Made Indoor LED Product

LIGHTVU’S Aurora Series LED cabinets are built in Canada. You read that right. Our Aurora Series is as close to home as LED displays get. The defining features of the Aurora Series are rooted in design. These cabinets are fully front-serviceable, so there is never a need to take down the display for servicing. Rather than adopt the traditional 1:1 aspect ratio, Aurora cabinets use A/V industry standard 16:9 and 16:10 aspect ratio so content is easily scaled. Most importantly, these Canadian LED displays are tough. These are the most durable LED cabinets on the market, which is why we us e them for our LED scoreboard application. See more to find out what makes our Aurora Series so durable.

  • Canadian Made LED Product
  • Fully-Front Serviceable Design
  • Most Durable LED Display Product
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LED Displays Solution Aurora Series Canada LIGHTVU

Neptune Series LEDs

LIGHTVU’s Neptune Series LED cabinets offer our smallest SMD pixel pitches available, allowing for very close viewing distances and higher pixel density. As an added bonus, all Neptune Series cabinets conform to the 16:9 form factor, making it easy to design 16:9 LED walls. These cabinets are ideal for indoor fixed installations requiring high resolution and pixel density and or a very short viewing distance. Pixel pitches available in this series include 1.2mm, 1.6mm, and 1.9mm.

  • Ultra High Resolution, Brightness & Contrast
  • Indoor, Fixed or Rental Installations
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
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Saturn Series LEDs

Rental, Staging & Flown LED Cabinets LIGHTVU’s Saturn Series family of LED cabinets are versatile, lightweight, high-brightness, high-resolution indoor displays for fixed or creative applications and configurations broadcasting vibrant video and clear messaging to your customers.

  • Low Maintenance & Front Servicable
  • High-brightness, Contrast & Refresh rate
  • Versatile & Lightweight
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Sherwood Park Alliance

Custom Indoor LED Solutions


We allow our clients’ aesthetic visions to come to life through our creative, solution-based LED screens. While we’ll work with both new and old spaces – helping brands create memorable experiences for their employees, customers, partners, and stakeholders – our true passion lies in intentional and customizable projects.

Give us an out-of-the-box problem and we’ll come up with an out-of-the-box solution, custom made to fit your creative LED vision and experience.

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