Digital Scoreboard Program

Digital Scoreboard Program

Sizes, add-ons, and applications for digital scoreboard packages.

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Digital Scoreboard Applications

Professional score keeping has never been easier

Perfect for school gymnasiums, university and college sports facilities, community centers, arenas, stadiums, and any other space where providing an awesome sports experience matters! MAKE A STATEMENT for your home teams by upgrading the score keeping system to an electronic digital scoreboard.

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Additional Value

Package includes video board, mounting solution, LED processor and all internal cabling

Aurora Series cabinets offer standard 5 year warranty, extend up to 10 years. Packages include 5 year SCOREVU score keeping software license, a 2-hour remote training session, and access to a technical training course hosted by LIGHTVU.

Cabinet Size Diagonal Processor
AURORA P4 47” Cabinet 6.72’x4.2′ 94″ Triton T2
AURORA P4 58” Cabinet 8.4’x5.04′ 116″ Triton T2
AURORA P4 47” Cabinet 10.08’x6.3′ 141″ Triton T2
AURORA P4 58” Cabinet 12.6’x7.56′ 174″ Triton T2
AURORA P4 58” Cabinet 16.8’x10.08′ 232″ Andromeda HD-2

Flown / Hanging Options

Need to fly the scoreboard - No problem

Our flown digital scoreboard packages use LIGHTVU’s Saturn Series LED cabinets.

  • OPTION A 5x3 – 101”x60”
  • OPTION B 7x4 – 141”x81”
  • OPTION C 8x5 – 161”x101”
  • OPTION D 10x6 – 202”x121”

Saturn Series standard 1 year warranty, extend up to 5 years.

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Optional Add-Ons

Sport specific add-ons enhance the game even more.

LED Shot Clock Bundle – 2 x Shot Clocks using P4 28” Cabinets
– Orion SC-2 Processor
Fully Equipped Scorekeeper
Table Bundle
– Scorekeeper table with custom rack
– Dual monitors for control and display
– Confidence monitor mounts
– Video switcher
– ScoreVU player
– Keyboard & Mouse