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With LED video walls now being the standard for modern advertising, it is a natural extension to use them for artistic and entertainment purposes. The flexibility in the design of LED video walls allows for artistic expression and creative applications without sacrificing image experience.

What are the components of a video screen?

Video walls are created by tiling multiple screens together. This is because each screen can only be made so large – so to go larger we combine multiple screens together.

Traditionally these larger screens were created using narrow bezel displays, resulting in the seams between each section of screens that you see on lots of video walls out there. The goal is to cover a large area with screens so an image or video can be shown in a larger format.

With direct view LED video screens – LED panels are wired together to make all those individual modules come together as one large screen, without the seams. The wires connect each of the screens to a command control centre which manages the digital and video content to be displayed.

How do LIGHTVU’s LED video walls stay together?

We create a metal framework for the LED panels to all fit together to make one large LED video wall. Space exists for the wiring from each component which can be accessed from the back and/or from the front of the structure. This makes maintenance on the video wall easy. This also allows for creating custom displays to accent a building’s architecture, express your artistic vision, and provide premium viewing experiences for your video wall project.

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