Simon Fraser University: Post Secondary Digital Signage Solutions


Unique Post Secondary Learning Experience Made Possible By Innovative LED Display Solutions

In 2019, Simon Fraser University expanded its presence in the downtown area of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus has been in operation since 2003. The most recent expansion brought about the addition of a new building, which houses a Sustainable Energy Engineering program, launched in the Fall of 2019.

AVI-SPL Vancouver did the audio visual integration throughout the new building. The sheer amount of technology and integration involved in this project was absolutely mind blowing. Arguably the most eye-catching part of the freshly installed technology is the three beautiful LED digital display solutions in the two classrooms and lobby area.


Lecture Hall: An Ultra Wide Screen Classroom Display Solution

As a university graduate who sat through too many lectures, I can confidently say the experience would have been better with a classroom display like this. Simon Fraser University wanted to create a unique learning experience for its students. Safe to say SFU conquered the challenge in the lecture hall.

The ultra wide screen, LED display solution is a level up from the washed out projectors students are used to seeing in this type of space. The LED wall has a 385″ diagonal and features a 2.5 mm pixel pitch. As with any ultra wide screen display solution, the diagonal can be difficult to comprehend. The size of this classroom digital signage solution is 31.5 feet wide by 6.5 feet high.

Can you guess how many LED pixels are on this wall? The answer may surprise you. Just under 2.5 million LED pixels make up this beast of a display.


Tiered Classroom: Stepping Up Classroom Technology In Canada

Some post secondary institutions would be happy with just one amazing lecture hall. Simon Fraser University was not one of those institutions. SFU doubled up with a second wide screen LED display solution in the Tiered Classroom. Rumor has it, there’s still an ongoing debate about which classroom is better.

The LED signage solution in the Tiered Classroom is a touch smaller than the display in the Lecture Hall. The diagonal on the display is 316″ and the display features a 2.5 mm pixel pitch.

As shown in the photos above, the integration in both classrooms goes further than just the LED walls. The LED displays, audio, and control within both spaces work together effortlessly thanks to the great work done by AVI-SPL Vancouver.


Lobby Display: LED Digital Message Board

The lobby display at Simon Fraser University is hard to miss. The digital message board is used for announcements, presentations, and special event schedules. The audio visual consultant for the SFU project stated the lobby display is absolutely stunning.

The lobby sign is one of LIGHTVU’s standard LED display solutions for post secondary and municipalities. The lobby display has a 183″ diagonal and a 3 mm pixel pitch. The display solution is perfect for any wall in meeting space and waiting area applications.

Simon Fraser University has raised the bar for Canadian universities. We want to do more projects to continue enhancing the learning experience for Canadian students.




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