Sherwood Park Alliance Church

LED Screen

A Stunning LED Solution at Sherwood Park Alliance Church

For many, images of Audio Visual during a church ceremony consists of a retro overhead projector for lyrics to hymns. A church volunteer will scroll down song lyrics and slowly hand-feed a plastic sheet as the song progresses, a la 1990s. These antiquated technologies seem commonplace in a church setting and are almost expected. So, when a church decides to upgrade their technology to include stunning audio visuals, it’s understandably surprising and delightful for worshipers.

The Sherwood Park Alliance Church was one-such institution. When they were going through a modernization project a few years ago, they decided that it was time to upgrade their AV. As a long-standing client of LIGHTVU’s, it was natural for the church to approach them for this project. Having looked at projectors in the past, the church decided it was time to move to a dynamic, show-stopping LED screen.

Their on-stage LED screen is LIGHTVU’s largest screen design to date, measuring 37 feet wide. LIGHTVU also installed an outstanding sound system and a second LED confidence wall in the back of the room for the performers, bringing their services to the next level. Outside, they installed an eye-catching LED sign board with the church’s identifier information.


“This church is modernizing at a time when technology can be adopted, taking advantage of the major changes to capabilities and technologies,” says Mark Silvius, Principal at LIGHTVU.

With hundreds of worshipers attending the church every week, the church’s modernization project positions them as a forward-thinking institution in a world where religion is often seen as out-of-date and tedious. They even offer live-streaming off their services for attendees who can’t make it that day. They’ve positioned themselves as forward-thinking, paving the way for continued worship in years to come.




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