Restaurant LED Signage Solution


LED Signage Solution

The LED video wall featured in the images is an AURORA Series LED display with 2.5mm pitch located in the head office of Canada’s largest full-service restaurant company  in Vaughan, Ontario. The fully front serviceable, Canadian made LED video wall offers a perfect signage solution for any dine-in facility.


Restaurant LED Signage

For high-end restaurant corporations, providing premium dining experiences and high quality aesthetics is extremely important. Amazing food and professional staff are keys to ensuring great brand image but that’s not all. Restaurants, bars, and lounges are quickly transitioning to direct view LED to enhance the visual experience and further impress customers with professional signage.

Direct view LED technology is the latest video wall technology and has become the standard for displaying promotional materials, entertainment, and branding in bright spaces. LED technology has gained its popularity because the displays offer far better brightness, colour depth, and life expectancy over tranditional flat panel video walls or projection.

Seamless, high performance LED panels give users the freedom to display on any shape and any size display screen. This means corporations and franchises can creatively engage with customers through the power of content on a platform custom built for the space. Moreover, running an LED display 24/7 is no problem and serviceability is a breeze compared to traditional display alternatives.


Bringing The Solution Together

When it comes to any display technology, proper implementation and integration of the solution is key to bringing the creative vision to life in a space. DIY projects often lead to bad results due to improper deployment and/or incomplete integration with other technologies that complement the display such as content management, audio systems, and control interfaces.

Luckily there’s a strong network of LED professionals across Canada who are trained to understand a vision, design a complete solution, and bring it to life to exceed expectations. If you’re in the market for an LED signage solution for your restaurant, bar, or lounge drop us a line.




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