Continuous Innovation and Industry Education

On June 6-8, 2018, the LIGHTVU team attended InfoComm 2018 in Las Vegas. InfoComm is where you want to be when it comes to learning about and experiencing innovative LED technology first hand. New technologies in the industry are showcased to attendees and participants can mix and mingle with the leaders in innovation, including Creston, Inhance Digital,  Nationstar, to name a few. This year, InfoComm set a record for attendance with 43,000 attendees, which is 10% more than the last InfoComm held in 2016.

Nationstar, who makes most of LIGHTVU’s LED lights, showcased a new and exciting technology. They’ve created an LED chip with four separate LEDs onto one surface mount device. This new disruptive technology makes the fine pixel pitch a smaller package without it being super fragile and is therefore more robust. This challenges how LEDs were previously created, leaving considerable power savings and smaller pixel pitches.


“It’s a more robust technology that makes smaller and smaller pixel pitches more robust without changing the technology too much,”

says Greg Adams, VP of Technology and Marketing for LIGHTVU, who saw their new technology as a highlight of the conference.


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Another highlight is that LIGHTVU connected with Colorlight, who is a control system manufacturer. They create control systems that sit on a network, which has advantages in our IP-based world. LIGHTVU is currently looking at possibly using their products in their integrated solutions.

Meeting with audio visual integration providers from around the globe was a valuable opportunity to showcase the exciting projects that LIGHTVU has been working on. 10 NET, Inland AV, Bashaw Media (sp?) and PJS (sp?) are just a few of the integrators that LIGHTVU connected with.

The biggest take-away was that by looking at the latest trends and technologies in the LED display and manufacturing world, LIGHTVU recognized that it is on the right path. By reviewing the trends and checking out the big players in the LED industry, they have the confidence to continue providing integrated solutions for their clients, big and small.