Corporate Trends of the Digital Kind

Corporate Trends of the Digital Kind with LIGHTVU

As LED media wall manufacturers and suppliers, we here at LIGHTVU are seeing a trend in digital office setups. Connected devices have become essential in our modern workplaces, with LED media walls becoming an integral part of these trends. We are going to explore how our media walls fit with the latest advancements in managing information flow in the workplace.

Stock images of working from home usually show folks on their laptops or in their home office with their desktop computer. That image is changing rapidly as tablets are starting to take the lead for corporate-supplied technology for work. Tablets enhance team connectivity due to their lightweight portability and flexibility of use, and the advancement in apps that cater to employees’ work needs. With the large computing power of these devices, workers can manage multiple tasks with ease.

On a parallel trajectory, companies are bringing into use closed circle intranets – corporate websites for employees only. These intranets are featuring cloud-based apps that allow employees to access their payroll, make holiday requests, vote on the employee of the month and keep up to date with the latest corporate news. Documents and graphics can all be uploaded to a central filing centre for all employees to access, streamlining the distribution of information from one source. Articles and documents feature the corporate department’s roles and responsibilities, as well as the roles performed by each employee within each department. This generates a feeling of team cohesiveness and fosters an environment of understanding amongst departments.

Both these developments can be utilized together for employees to use their work tablets to access documents and graphics for presentations in meetings and conferences. The presentations can be streamed to a board room’s giant LED media screen. The tablets can be used by meeting attendees to whiteboard their ideas onto the LED media screen.

LIGHTVU is focused on supplying and manufacturing cutting-edge technologies for LED media walls and the software that manages those screens. We have technologies that allow for multiple users to present to an LED media wall, ranging from pre-recorded video & digital presentations, live streaming, graphic displays of infographics and charts – pretty much anything that needs to be displayed. All of these various sources can be streamed to and presented on the LED media wall at the same time.

Do you want to bring this type of working environment to your corporation? Or perhaps you or your firm have clients who have these presentation needs? We are here to help you with sourcing the right LED screens – ready for installation or custom made – for your various work environments within your corporation and client projects.



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