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Retail Signage Experience Made Possible By Innovative LED Display Solutions

November 27, 2019, Aurora Cannabis Inc. officially announced the grand opening of its experiential flagship store in West Edmonton Mall. The 11,000 square foot facility combines a retail cannabis store and an immersive experiential space, encouraging visitors from around the world to explore unique products and participate in a rotating calendar of programming and events.

Aurora Cannabis CEO, Terry Booth, explains, “Aurora is proud to call Edmonton home. It’s here where we established our roots and built our business. There’s no better place for us to open the doors to our flagship store.” We at LIGHTVU can relate to Booth’s reasoning as it aligns with why LIGHTVU continues to design and build indoor LED digital signage solutions for retail in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada.


Digital Container: A Custom LED Signage Solution

As seen in the featured photo at the top of this page, the LED digital container creates a unique, immersive digital signage experience. The visuals are enhanced by surrounding mirrors which reflect the content from the LED wall within the space. This 2 mm pixel pitch LED display solution required a custom cabinet configuration using three models of our Canadian-made Aurora Series LED model.

The wall portion of the LED display has a 165″ diagonal and the resolution is 1,664 pixels by 1,290 pixels. We mounted to the wall using our standard mounting solution, which made the install quick and easy to deploy. The cabinets for the LED wall display connect seamlessly to the ceiling portion thanks to the carefully thought out design.

The ceiling portion of the digital container has a 248″ diagonal and the resolution is 1,664 pixels by 2,688 pixels. The mount solution for the ceiling was designed by LIGHTVU and deployed by Digital EDGE Media, the Alberta based audio visual integration company.  It took some fine tuning to make the LED display solution on the ceiling perfectly flat but our forward thinking mounting solution got the job done perfectly.

Photo: By Aurora Cannabis

Portrait Display: Standard LED Signage Solution

The portrait display is one of our more standard LED indoor digital signage solutions offered for retail applications. The LED portrait sign has a 68″ diagonal and the resolution of the sign is 384 pixels by 768 pixels. The LED portrait solution features a 2 mm pixel pitch and is built by stacking two of LIGHTVU’s Canadian-made Aurora Series LED cabinets on top of one another.

The portrait display is wall mounted using LIGHTVU’s standard Aurora Series mounting solution. As most people know, no wall is perfectly flat. Our adjustable wall mounting solution allows for perfectly flat LED display surface resulting in seamless alignment and great looking content.

Photo: Aurora Cannabis

Menu Board: Custom Ultra-Wide LED Signage Solution

The menu board for the Aurora Cannabis Experiential Flagship Store is pretty snazzy to say the least. Blending into the aesthetic of the space, the menu board displays product options using white text on a black background. The 2 mm pixel pitch on the LED menu board allows this digital signage solution to effortlessly display every cannabis product available.

Diagonals on ultra-wide resolution displays sometimes paint a difficult picture to visualize. The diagonal for this digital menu board is 285″ and the resolution is 3584 pixels wide by 512 pixels high. To put this into perspective, the wall is 24 feet wide by 3.5 feet tall.

All photos provided by Aurora Cannabis




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